Marijuana: May be the Treatment for Diabetes…

As we all know that the Diabetes is the very crucial thing today. Every Health association is trying to search the right treatment for Diabetes .And in the research  ,the researchers found that the Marijuana also can be used as a treatment .In one of the research it found that the Marijuana has some anti-diabetes properties.

This new study says that Smoking Marijuana can regulate the Blood sugar. But still the reason that why Marijuana Regulates the Blood Sugar is unknown. The only thing which is known is that Marijuana increases the efficiency of the carbohydrate metabolism.

There were 4600 Candidates were included in this research. 50% of around all the candidates were occasional smokers of Marijuana. And 12% candidates were the regular smokers of the Marijuana. And rest 38% candidates were the non users of Marijuana.

In spite of considering the other issues like age, addiction of alcohol and tobacco, gender, other diseases, Physical work load, income, lifestyle, heredities, etc.. Still the numbers were in the favor of the Marijuana consumers.

In the readings, the researchers found that the fasting level of insulin was 16% lower than the non-users of Marijuana, and 17% lower level of insulin resistance. And the Level of cholesterol was also balanced in the users of Marijuana. And also the size of waist was smaller or at the average level .Sometimes the size of waist also may consider as a sign of Diabetes.

And the levels of Blood Sugar of the Marijuana users were very good then the non-users of Marijuana, whether it’s fasting or normal Blood Sugar level.

And according to the study, Marijuana also reduces the risk of the Heart-Diseases.

Marijuana may be the treatment for diabetes

But there is no solid proof that Marijuana is the treatment for Diabetes. Yes, it may helpful for Diabetes, but there are so many side effects of Marijuana. And the World Health Organization still don’t consider it as a medicine for Diabetes. So this was only the research there is no need to smoke Marijuana. In some countries Marijuana is legal, and in the USA marijuana is legal only in 19 states. In India Marijuana is illegal.  And the legal marijuana is known as medical Marijuana. And there is a particular process of consuming the medical marijuana, and in this process smoking is not involved. There are some side effects of Marijuana as follows-

  1. Lungs Problems
  2. The risk of the chronic cough
  3. Confusion
  4. Extra thirst and hunger
  5. Memory Problems
  6. Sleep impairments
  7. Dry mouth and Dry eyes
  8. Frustration (If the person gets addicted to marijuana and he/she don’t smoke it, then they get frustrated.)

Facts And Stats Of Diabetes in India

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in India. It’s a very anxious topic for the Indian Health department. Diabetes is the packet of so many extra diseases like joint pain, ulcers, Fluctuation of Blood Pressure, etc.. And obviously…High Blood Sugar.

Control Diabtetes

If we talk about the India then there were 65 million diabetics are counted as a diagnosed diabetic in year 2013.Which is nearly 7% of all populations.And the fact is India is in the list of top 3 according to diabetes. 1st is China with 98.4 million diabetics ,2nd is India with 65.07million diabetics ,3rd is the USA with 24.4 million diabetics.

So it’s the list where we need to step down our rank.Because it’s the very heavy burden on the Indian Health Department……for more..