Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is the very critical problem for us and the Ayurvedic treatment is the best treatment for this.As we know that the diabetes pulls the several many diseases, and the allopathic medicine for diabetes have the several side effects.So we only have the Ayurveda as a safer treatment for the diabetes.


Ayurved is the much cheap then the allopathic treatment. The main problem with the diabetics,is the expenditures for the medicines.Rich people can maintain the expenditures for the diabetes.But the middle class and financially weak people cannot able to maintain the expenditures for the allopathic medicines of diabetes,and I think that they don’t need to waste their precious money on the allopathic treatment ,which ultimately pulls many more diseases.So keep distance with the allopathic medicines.And they can easily get the Ayurvedic treatment for the diabetes on the very less expenses than allopathic treatment.
There are so many Remedies,which We can easily get at the home.the list contains some remedies for diabetes which we can get without any efforts.

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Facts And Stats Of Diabetes in India

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in India. It’s a very anxious topic for the Indian Health department. Diabetes is the packet of so many extra diseases like joint pain, ulcers, Fluctuation of Blood Pressure, etc.. And obviously…High Blood Sugar.

Control Diabtetes

If we talk about the India then there were 65 million diabetics are counted as a diagnosed diabetic in year 2013.Which is nearly 7% of all populations.And the fact is India is in the list of top 3 according to diabetes. 1st is China with 98.4 million diabetics ,2nd is India with 65.07million diabetics ,3rd is the USA with 24.4 million diabetics.

So it’s the list where we need to step down our rank.Because it’s the very heavy burden on the Indian Health Department……for more..

IS Type 2 diabetes an inflammatory disease??

Herbs for Diabetes

The latest research about Diabetes describes how in mice during the initial stages of type 2 diabetes, immune cells Which is known as macrophages plunder pancreatic tissue, secreting in a big amount of cytokines  proinflammatory proteins  that  destroys the beta cells Which producing an insulin.
More than 3600 Lakhs people around the world are phasing type 2 diabetes including around 8% of Americans and 9% of Indians. The disease can cause of more dangerous conditions like blindness, loss of limbs, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease.
In healthy people without diabetes pancreas’s beta cells release insulin into the bloodstream that helps to maintain the level of blood sugar which goes high after eating.
According to Diabetes Researchers :
“The study provides new detailed information allowing development of ready-made anti-inflammatory based treatments reducing the Pain of type 2 Diabetics.”
The new treatments could be used where existing therapies are used currently, for example those that use insulin injections.
From their study, the researchers compared over weighty mice that Randomly developed diabetes to normal healthy mice.
They observed the mice from a young age, when the mice comes in adulthood so many of their organs are affected.
They supervised presence of macrophages around the insulin which is producing by beta cells of the pancreas, and also in the spleen. They used the advanced cytometric technology which allows them to take detailed reports even of single cells.
Pro-inflammatory macrophages ‘invade diabetic islets’
The result of an observations shows some differences which happened in the islets of the pancreas and the spleen between the diabetic mice and the healthy mice – both in the initial stages when they all were young and in the last stages when they all were become older.

Islets- the group of beta cells those are responsible for create and release insulin
Only 2 were observed as the nondiabetic littermates, whereas12 macrophages were observed in the diabetic islets.
They note how in the older diabetic mice  the changes in the pancreas and spleen moved more toward a pro- inflammatory pattern:
In older stage of diabetes the cytokine signature changed toward a TGF-β-dominated profile, coinciding with a significant increase of galectin-3-positive macrophages in the spleen.
And this research proves that the Diabetes is the inflammatory disease.

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